If you are a ghost rider fan, it is time to try out the Ghost Rider slot game from Marvel. There is no thrill greater than that of watching your favorite ghost rider roaring into the neighborhood on his Harley Davidson. By playing this game, you can bring back the excitement and fun you experienced as a child reading about this super hero in your favorite marvel comic books.

Cryptologic is a popular software development company for the online gaming industry. The credit for bringing Ghost Rider slot game to the gambling industry online goes to this company. As per an agreement signed in 2005 between Marvel comics and Cryptologic, many characters from the comic made their way to the Marvel slot series and Ghost Rider is one of them. Ghost Rider has impressed many avid players, even more so than as a comic book character.

The Ghost Rider may not have been the most popular comic superhero, but it has certainly enthralled a lot of people in its avatar as the Ghost Rider slot.

About Ghost Rider Slot Game

Johnny Blaze is a stunt motorcyclist in the original Ghost Rider comic. To save his mentor’s life, Johnny Blaze surrenders his soul to Satan. As he does this, he meets Zarathos who gives him his trademark look through his powers. Ghost Rider has a flaming skull head, body consumed by hell’s own fires and an amazing motorcycle.

The powerful marvel comic character Ghost Rider is used by Cryptologic to develop a thrilling slot game that comes in 5-reel 25-payline. Before you start playing this slot game, you are offered a choice of selecting the size of coin you wish to use from the coin display section.

Ghost Rider slot game is enjoyed by many avid gamers from across the world especially for its amazing sound effects and fantastic animations and graphics.

Jackpots and Bets in the Ghost Rider Slot

In terms of pay-lines, number of reels and other features, Ghost Rider slots are the same like other Marvel slot games. There is a specified maximum and minimum amount you can bet with. In Ghost Rider slot game, 50 cents is the maximum bet amount and 1 cent is the minimum. Depending on the currency you use, this amount may vary.

This slot game offers three progressive jackpots. A better way to describe them is a single progressive jackpot that is three tiered. All players have an equal chance of winning in progressive jackpots. This jackpot is chosen at random and there is no need for you as a player to get symbols on the pay-line right.

Betting larger is one of the ways to enhance your chances of winning the jackpot. Your aim of hitting the jackpot is closer if you place big bets.

Ghost Rider slot offers a lot of excitement, thrill and fun for enthusiastic online gamers which is evident with the colorfully symbolic site. You can win the 10,000 coin huge jackpot by hitting the Ghost Rider Symbol.