Nothing could be more awe-inspiring than the sight of the Ghost Rider astride his Harley Davidson as he roars into the neighborhood.

$2000 FREE over 100 casino gamesAnd if this was a memory you thought was consigned merely to the recesses of your childhood, when you read the Ghost Rider comics from Marvel, think again: this awesome comic book superhero is now available as a slot game – the Ghost Rider slot game.

The credit for the Ghost Rider making his entry into the online gambling industry in the form of the Ghost Rider slot game goes to Cryptologic, a well-known name in the online gambling software development industry.

Cryptologic entered into an agreement with Marvel comics in the year 2005 to feature some of the Marvel comic characters in their slot games, and the result was the highly popular Marvel slot series.

The Ghost Rider may not have been the most popular comic superhero, but it has certainly enthralled a lot of people in its avatar as the Ghost Rider slot.

More about the Ghost Rider Slot

The original Ghost Rider story is one of the most enthralling of all in the Marvel world – it is about Johnny Blaze, a stunt motorcyclist, who gives up his soul to Satan so he can save his mentor’s life.

In the process, he bonds with and uses the powers of Zarathos, and gets his trademark look – body consumed by the fires of hell, a flaming skull for a head, and an awe-inspiring motorcycle as his vehicle.

The Ghost Rider slot game draws from the awe-inspiring story that is literally the soul of the Marvel character to provide players with a stirring slot game. The Ghost Rider slot is technically a 5-reel 25-payline slot game from Cryptologic.

When you get to this game, you can choose which coin you want to use by selecting from the coin size display.

Like all other Marvel slots from Cryptologic, the Ghost Rider slot has some fantastic graphics and animations and, of course, some awesome sound effects. Nothing can beat the sound of the Ghost Rider’s monster bike, a Harley Davidson, as the reels start to spin.

The Ghost Rider Slot – Bets and Jackpots

When you are playing the Ghost Rider slot, which is similar to the other Marvel slots in terms of some of the features like number of reels and paylines, there is a minimum and maximum amount that you can bet. The minimum amount you can bet is 1 cent, while the maximum bet amount is 50 cents. This amount may vary slightly depending on the currency you are using to place your bets, however.

In all, there are three different progressive jackpots when you play the Ghost Rider slot, like you see in other Marvel slots from Cryptologic, though it would be more apt to call them a progressive jackpot with three tiers.

Since it is a progressive jackpot, anyone playing the game could be a potential winner. You can win the jackpot at random, which means you don’t necessarily have to get all the symbols right on the payline to trigger this jackpot.

One of the keys to winning the jackpot is to bet big; larger bets improve your chances of hitting the progressive jackpot considerably.

Most of all, the Ghost Rider slot game is about fun and excitement, and this is amply displayed in the colorful symbology seen in this slot. The Ghost Rider symbol itself is a wild card that triggers the biggest jackpot of 10,000 coins, while the Ghost Rider logo acts as a scatter symbol. This symbol explodes into a skull that is in the form of a burning fireball.