The most exciting addition to online slot games has been Marvel online games. With plethora of special effect, state of art graphics, and real-life like sound effects, the games boast of unparalleled quality. The term ‘video games’ has received a whole new meaning with the Marvel Online games being introduced.

It was Cryptologic, a well-known software provider that produced Marvel games way back in 2005. There has been a proverbial ‘no looking back’. Currently, there are about twenty of these online games and can be found at a number of online casinos.

Marvel Online games are fundamentally, slot games. The foundation of these games is in the superhero comic books that have been popular in their own right since time immemorial. Not only this, many Hollywood movies have drawn inspiration from these comics and have gone on to become blockbuster hits. This has just added to the popularity of these games.

Few years back, a controversy was raised about the licensing of these games. This has been resolved recently. Thanks to the resolution of this problem, many more marvel online games have been made available for the public. The variety of marvel superhero characters and online games based on them is nothing short of amazing.

Marvel online games- History

It was in 2005 that the famous online casino software provider, Cryptologic agreed with marvel entertainment to make online casino games based on their characters. This provided them with exclusive rights to Marvel online games.  Due to this, Cryptologic was given the ‘Best online casino software’ award in 2005. Marvel online games were received with great enthusiasm and overnight.  Cryptologic became a force to reckon with. The two companies extended the agreement in 2007. Again, it provided sole licensing rights to Cryptologic until 2010.

However, in 2009, Marvel Entertainment also entered into an agreement with Playtech, another reputed online casino software provider. Playtech was allowed to develop another series of Marvel online games. These two games were- The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man. This irked Cryptologic and there was a legal dispute. This got resolved recently and now, Marvel online games are produced by two distributors.

Try out the enthralling Marvel online games

 Before Marvel Entertainment entered into an agreement with Playtech, it was only Cryptologic online casinos that offered their games. The new agreement allowing both Playtech and Cryptologic to distribute the Marvel games changed everything. Now the games can be found on casinos of both software producers.

Earlier, Playtech offered only a couple of games. Now they have added more to their arsenal. For obvious reasons, Cryptologic has more games to offer. To play the games, you can either check out the list of games at various casinos. Conversely, you can select a particular Marvel online slot game and search for a casino that offers it.

Title of some Marvel online games

There is a huge number of online slots games that are available. To bname a few- Ghost Rider, Iron Man, Batman, The HulkX-menSpiderman, Sub-marinerCaptain America and Blade.